Shipping policies are designed and maintained individually by each seller on StockMyTank.  For shipping questions related to an order, please reach out to the seller you wish to order from through the contact information on their store page. 

StockMyTank aims to educate sellers to ensure that the best shipping practices are in place and followed for the health and safety of all aquatic life.  

Where do you ship to?

At this time, StockMyTank only permits transactions with shipping addresses in the contiguous 48 states (USA), excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

How can I get free shipping?

Contact the seller you wish to purchase from to discuss free shipping thresholds and other shipping discounts.

Can I track my item?

Yes, StockMyTank requires each seller to issue a tracking number for all purchases made through the site.  Contact our team if you can not locate your tracking number.

What if my item arrives damaged or in poor condition?

Please take a photo of your order in the form that it arrived as documentation and text the StockMyTank team at (281) 819-0325.  We pride ourselves in making each transaction a quality customer experience.

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