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Aquatic Journal Shirt

Aquatic Journal Shirt

The Official Shirt of the Aquatic Journal.


Daphnia starter culture packed in green water. Daphnia are an excellent live food source for a variety of fish.
Fish Tank Clean Up Crew Shirt
Friends Not Food Goldfish Shirt
Friends Not Food Guppy Shirt.
Gammarus are a shrimp-like crustacean that is an excellent food source for medium to large fish. They are also a…
Assorted size jade mystery snails! 2/$3 Great addition to your cleanup crew! They eat a variety of vegetables, algae wafers,…


Moina are a live fish food similar to daphnia, but smaller. Newborn moina are smaller than baby brine shrimp and…
A 10 pack of Rose Gold Ramshorn Snails
This is an acrylic yarn spawning mop. Aquarium safe and great for any fish that prefers sticking their eggs onto…

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