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Why I’m Building A Marketplace for Aquarium Hobbyists

After keeping aquariums for over 15 years, the #1 thing I’ve learned as a hobbyist is how to be resourceful.  In the aquarium world, there is almost never a perfect answer to solve the issues that come up in your tank.  Water chemistry can change overnight without yielding a single visual clue.  It can be both entirely fascinating and frustrating.

One’s aquarium is a uniquely personal combination of both the aquatic life contained within it and the medley of equipment selected to support those lives.  The beauty of our hobby becomes especially apparent when you consider the complexity that a hobbyist encounters each and every day with their aquarium. 

Throughout keeping aquariums all these years, I have seen quite a bit change.  Although I’m still a relatively young whippersnapper, I remember shopping for saltwater fish on Marine Depot Live, in the days before they decided to stop selling livestock and I also remember the joys of LiveAquaria in the time before Petco acquired them. 

But more importantly, throughout all these years, Andy, the store owner of my local fish store, saw me grow up from an excitable young kid with an encyclopedic knowledge of fish to the adult hobbyist I am today.

The aquarium community is special.  There is so much knowledge that we collectively share.  Some of us even earn our livelihoods in this industry, helping others find their aquarium zen. 

Its tough to be a small business owner and entrepreneur in an industry that has struggled to grow online, but with better tools like StockMyTank to connect us all, I hope to build a platform for the next generation of young aquarists to come.

StockMyTank is designed to be a place for passionate hobbyists to connect with one another and support small businesses within the community.  

-Nat, Founder of StockMyTank

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