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Orange Eyed Blue Tigers are sold individually at the price shown above. 140 TDS 6.4 pH 69 degrees using active…
Orange Sunkist Neocaridina
Freshwater Caridina Shrimp - Pure Black Line (Crystal Black Shrimp)
Fire Red Neocardina Shrimp
Freshwater Caridina Shrimp - Pure Red Line (Home Bred)
Shadow Panda Caridina Shrimp
The bumblebee goby (Brachygobius doriae) is a small, bright and peaceful fish which nano tank owners eagerly buy. 
Freshwater Caridina - Extreme Blue Bolt (Home Bred 5 pack) $30 each before discounts or coupons applied - 6th one…
Freshwater Caridina - Super Red Crystal Shrimp
Red Galaxy Fishbone Caridina Shrimp Mixed Grade

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